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Wardrobe Organisers Acrylic/Bamboo (WITHOUT label)

Wardrobe Organisers Acrylic/Bamboo (WITHOUT label)

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Acrylic Colour

Our custom made wardrobe organisers are practical, stylish and will be your new best friend when it comes to sorting, organising and replenishing your wardrobe.

Not only will these dividers help you sort and organise your wardrobe but it will also help you keep everything neat and tidy. Putting back your items will be a breeze with these new additions.

Dimensions; 7.3cm width x 13.3cm height
Opening: 3.5cm
Thickness: 3mm; Fits on standard sized rails
Material:Acrylic -please note they are NOT flexible and can snap if bent.
Colours: White, Black, Bamboo, Baby Pink, Baby Blue

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