Thank you for visiting Little Storage Co. While we have tried to make the process of becoming a member of our Home Organiser Program as easy as possible, we ask that you please take time to read the following terms and conditions carefully. These terms are subject to change at any time. If the terms are amended, they will be effective immediately.

  • Discount code is only valid when logged in using the email address you have provided.

  • If Little Label Co feels your unique discount is being abused, it is up to their discretion to review your membership in the LLC Home Organisation Program.

  • Membership levels work based on the dollar amount spent in a 12-month period.

  • A member of Little Label Co staff will decide when your membership will progress to the next tier level.

  • The discount code supplied is only valid on individual products (this excludes product value packs).

  • Tier 2 and above customers will be invited to be listed in the Little Organisation Co’s directory.

  • Tier level will be evaluated every 12 months. It is up to the discretion of Little Label Co if your Tier status is changed.

  • Inactive membership for over 12 months will see their discount code deactivated. Reapplication will be required to join the LLC Home Organisation Program again.