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Large Fridge Value Pack

Large Fridge Value Pack

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Looking to optimise the organisation of your refrigerator? Look no further than our Large Fridge Value Pack! Our value pack is designed to enhance the order and tidiness of your fridge.

Included in this value pack are an assortment of containers, tubs, and holders, all strategically designed for easy access to your items. These containers are available in various sizes and shapes, catering to your specific storage needs. 

By investing in this value pack, not only will you achieve a well-organised and tidy fridge, but you'll also save money by minimising food wastage. Having a structured system allows you to clearly see your inventory and utilize it efficiently before expiration.

Don't delay! Place your order for the Large Fridge Value Pack today and experience the benefits of a streamlined and efficient refrigerator. Optimise your space and elevate your fridge management now!

This Pack Includes:

1 x Clear Turntable Lazy Susan Tray (6.6cm high)
1 x Clear Fridge Egg Organiser Tray
2 x Fridge Storage Container with Basket (Single)
1 x Fridge Storage Container with Basket (Double)
1 x Fridge Organiser with Drainage Plug (Set of 2)
1 x Fridge Organisers (Set of 3)
1 x Clear Can Organiser Small
1 x Clear Multi-use Organiser with fixed dividers

Acrylic & Plastic Care

Our Acrylic/Plastic products are NOT dishwasher safe. Please use and handle our plastic and acrylic
products with care as they are fragile and can break/scratch.

When washing them, please do not use bottle brush or any type of scourer as it could scratch the plastic/acrylic.

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