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Pantry Container with Lid (Large)

Pantry Container with Lid (Large)

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Our food safe fridge & pantry container is the perfect storage solution to keep your 'like items' grouped, neat and organised. The transparent material allows ingredients to be identified easier and the lid keeps items secure and allows it to be stackable to maximise that vertical space in your cupboard or fridge.

This versatile BPA-free container is made of high-quality shatter resistant plastic and is suitable for storing all types of foods. Use this multi-purpose organiser as storage for fresh produce, dry goods, cheese, cold cuts and other fridge contents. It can also be used in other rooms of the house for storing office supplies, makeup, cosmetics or other bits & bobs.

With two handles, the container can easily be moved and picked up. The clear sides and top allow quick visibility and easy access to the contents. This organiser is the perfect storage solution for your fridge, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and office. 

Dimensions: 20.5cm w x 33cm l x 10.8cm h

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