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Bamboo Lazy Susan

Bamboo Lazy Susan

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Keep your kitchen organised with our round bamboo turnable tray or lazy susan. It will not only add style but practicality to your pantry, kitchen or dining experience. A great pantry storage solution for hard to reach areas and corners.

Do you find yourself constantly searching for things in your kitchen? Well, search no more! The Lazy Susan is here to help. This clever device is perfect for keeping your kitchen organised and tidy.

The Lazy Susan is a rotating tray that sits in your cupboard or countertop, making it easy to reach everything you need. It's great for storing spices, condiments, utensils, and other small items. And because it rotates, you can easily access anything you need without having to search through a bunch of cabinets and drawers.

So say goodbye to cluttered counters and messy cupboards. The Lazy Susan is the perfect solution for a more organised and functional kitchen.

Material: Bamboo

Dimensions: 30cm wide x 3.2cm height

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